So that "emio" can have friendly feeling from customer and local people using station,
"Smile for your living" put thought.

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Deli & bread VIE DE FRANCE Co.Ltd.

Deli & bread VIE DE FRANCE Co.Ltd.
[Bakery & Café]
Original products which were particular about sense of the seasons and seasonal foods from standard assemble in full force. We have wide customer by assortment of goods which is variety.
Please enjoy bread hot from the oven, fresh sand with siphon coffee with high flavor.

7:00A.M. - 9:00P.M.
Last order 8:00P.M.


The last order8:00 p.m.
The number of the seats32
Deli & bread VIE DE FRANCE Co.Ltd.

News from shop

Notice of new product of April

April 1, 2020

It is notice of new product of April.


★"Bretagne-style galette"

We reproduce native district cake of the France Basque Provinces with bread! Custard and cherry filling are accents.


★"potechuro" (cheese of chocolate consomme, three kinds)

Potato churro which is eaten for snacks sense that we kneaded potato flake into.


★"Caramel cheese bar"

We wrapped cheese cream in Danish and finished the surface into crunchy caramel form.


★"Silver salmon smoked salmon & Hokkaido cheese potato"

To cheese fragrant bread, it is sand in potato salad onion of smoked salmon cheese flavor.


★"A good egg Bakery" (release than 4/16)

We wrapped plentiful egg salad and half-boiled egg-style egg in dough with graham flour. It is unbearable one article for egg enthusiast.


Please try nadonado!

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