So that "emio" can have friendly feeling from customer and local people using station,
"Smile for your living" put thought.

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Kushikatsu Dengana

Kushikatsu Dengana
[deep-fried skewers, Izakaya]
Shop to be able to enjoy genuine Kushikatsu casually. The retro shop feeling nostalgic for slightly of the Showa era.
Person from home Osaka is shop featuring delicious Kushikatsu of being surprised and numerousness or noted product Doteyaki which we stewed gently, too. The outside is crunchy, and there be deep frying in soft and fluffy batter no from the inside, and have burning hot Kushikatsu with secret sauce☆
Osaka is further this! One article that stewed beef sinew to base in white miso as for the specialty "Doteyaki."
It is one food betemiteya !! first of all

11:00A.M. - 0:00A.M.
Last order 11:30P.M.


The last order11:30P.M.
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Kushikatsu Dengana
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