So that "emio" can have friendly feeling from customer and local people using station,
"Smile for your living" put thought.

We look for shop

Soba Dining RIN-YA

Soba Dining RIN-YA
[soha, udon]
We want more women to eat healthy soba!

Our restaurant was different from soba served at a street stall of conventional in-station stores,

It is stylish noodle shop with chair which even woman can drop in at casually.

We offer nice salad soba and Tsukesoba of new sense to woman.

Of course there is classic menu, too.

Please appreciate with Hegi-soba of Niigata having noodle making in-house.

6:30A.M. - 11:00P.M.


Soba Dining RIN-YA
Soba Dining RIN-YA
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