So that "emio" can have friendly feeling from customer and local people using station,
"Smile for your living" put thought.

We look for shop

Dashi-Cyazuke YEN

Dashi-Cyazuke YEN
[ochazuke, Rice balls]
High-quality Fast food of Japanese dishes shop
Soup stock chazuke which turns concept of ochazuke to eat at home.

"Stock" Please have taste of Japanese dishes shop which were particular about "the subject matter".

For a Japanese-style blind that we patted three kinds of cuts which selected carefully and adopted in kelp, iriko, bonitos

Please enjoy golden stock which increased soup of chicken.

Takeout menu of ochazuke and onigiri is satisfying, too.

MON SAT 8:00A.M. - 11:30P.M.  
Sundays and holidays 8:00A.M. - 10:00P.M.


The last order<< from Monday to Saturday >> L.O. 23:1 << Sundays and holidays >> L.O. 21:40
Dashi-Cyazuke YEN
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