As for shopping or the gourmet information,
We place information to be useful for living along Seibu.

About the use

About the use

We will inform of information to use this site comfortably.
Seibu Properties runs this website (called "this site" as follows.).
Person (called "user" as follows.) that this site is used has you read the following conditions well and would appreciate your using this site after agreement. In addition, when you establish the use condition in each service content in this site separately, you have each use condition may be accompanied and read, and please use after agreement.
When you use site, it should be thing which had you agree to all use conditions and our Personal Information Protection Law. In addition, about our personal protection law, please see this.
In addition, we confirm contents and ask you each use as this site and service contents may change the use condition depending on metaphor.

About browser environment

This site will recommend that you see in the following environment.
・The Google Chrome latest edition
・More than Internet Explorer 10.0
・The Firefox latest edition
・The safari latest edition

About plug in

We use the following plug in in some pages of this site.
・Adobe Flash Player (version after eight)
It is necessary to read dynamic contents such as animations.
The latest plug in is this
・Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader version after four)
It is necessary for reading, print of documents of Portable Document Format.
The latest plug in is this

About use of cookies (Cookie)

When we invalidate Javascript and are used, fear and page where contents do not work normally may not be displayed. In the case of our site use, we would appreciate your validating Javascript.
We do not use cookies (information that it is transmitted to browser of user by server to distinguish user on the server side, and is accumulated to computer of user).

About SSL

In this site, we use SSL(Secure SocketsLayerprotocol) for personal information protection of customer. SSL is security capability for the purpose of protecting important information such as personal information exchanged on the Internet from intercept by third party and we encrypt personal information of customer who had you input in this site and transmit and receive.

Copyright Policy

About information, design, logo mark, characters, trademark published in this site, rightful claimant who detected the use in us or us has intellectual property rights such as copyrights, right of right to use and others. We hope not to make any reproduction, being converted without permission of rightful claimant.

Link policy

As a general rule, link to this site is free. But please inform of URL and the person in charge name, e-mail address of link former site when it is linked. In addition, I may decline link when we including site including contents to slander contents, pink content, us against public order and morals, and to slander judge link with inadequacy.

About other (disclaimers)

The use of this site shall be carried out in the responsibility of user.
As for the information that user input into this site, user oneself shall take responsibility about the contents.
We may do addition, change, deletion such as information and service contents, URL about this site without telling customer beforehand.
In us, interruption may cancel offer of all or part of this site without notifying from reason in need of fire, blackout, outbreak of system failure by natural disaster or other reasons such as earthquakes and system maintenance beforehand.
We take no responsibility about any damage, disadvantage that occurred to user due to each next issue.
In addition, we shall be able to request suitable compensation for damages from the user concerned when user damages us by act against these terms or unjust or illegal act.

・The use of various information acquired from other websites where link was set in this site and this site
・Software in case of this site use, accident on hardware, pollution due to computer virus, loss, damage of data
・When, as for the troubles that we produced between between this site users or user and other third parties, email or material request from user do not arrive by malfunction, accident in the Internet in us
・When user causes damage to us by act that was against these terms or unjust or illegal act, interruption, cancellation we of offer of all or part of this site shall be able to request suitable compensation for damages from the user concerned.

Governing law

This site is under our management.
This site can access from countries of the different whole world of law, but shall agree to customer accessed in this site and our both being put under restraint in law of Japan and the regulations about the use of this site regardless of difference of law principle to suffer from.
In addition, this site does not perform description and indication whether contents are appropriate at all in the environment of customer.
Access to this site shall depend on free will of customer, and customer shall have responsibility about the use.

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